What is AOSP ? Everything You Need to Know About Android Open Source Project in 2022

What is AOSP ? One of the most popular open source projects available on GitHub is Android Open Source Project, known as AOSP. Originally developed by Google, the AOSP has quickly become one of the biggest open source projects in the world. So what exactly does AOSP do? What advantages does it offer over proprietary mobile operating systems? And why does this matter to you, even if you don’t use Android? Let’s find out!

what is aosp

What is AOSP ?

The open source project that made it all possible is what we call Android Open Source Project. What is AOSP? If you are looking for a definition of AOSP, then let us help you out. It is basically an open source project which means anyone can make use of its code without worrying about fees or any hidden cost. This was built by Google so that it could be used for mobile devices and other small computing gadgets as well.

The source code has been taken from Google and then made available to everybody else with no price tag attached to it. On top of that, there are many developers who take advantage of AOSP and build on top of it as well. We will talk more about what they do a little later on in our piece so stick around!

AOSP stands for what ?

The AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. The project is a custom version of Android built by Google. It’s open source and available on GitHub. Although AOSP is not what most people think of when they imagine Android, it serves as an important reference point from which most other versions are based.

Where can I find AOSP ?

AOSP is freely available and all code is made available under a license that enables reuse within proprietary projects as well. This page has more details about which parts of AOSP are licensed with what terms, but it basically boils down to: If you want it, take it—use anything from AOSP in your commercial project. We encourage you to use code from AOSP in any way you wish and we explicitly waive all patent and copyright claims on code released under our licenses (though such claims may still apply for independently developed code).

How can I get the source code from AOSP ?

There are many ways of obtaining AOSP, but it can be confusing for users who are new to AOSP. The first method that you should try is using git from your own computer. When you have acquired a Git client and have an understanding of how to use it, get started on GitHub by clicking on the Fork button located in the right-hand menu of each AOSP repository.

What does it mean if a device has AOSP ?

If you see that a device is AOSP, then it means it’s a phone or tablet that has an open-source version of Android. This is different from stock Android devices like Nexus devices. What does AOSP mean for you? It means if you want to install one of Google’s apps (like Chrome or Hangouts) on your device, you can go ahead and download them without having to wait for your carrier or manufacturer (Samsung, HTC, etc.) to release their own app. For more details on what open source really means, head over here.

How do I use the source code from AOSP ?

The source code for AOSP is available under an open-source license, which means that you can download it and modify it as you like. To build AOSP yourself, make sure you have access to a Linux computer or a computer running Mac OS X with an Intel processor (Mac OS X is currently not supported by Google), then download and install Oracle’s JDK version 7 or 8. If using JDK 8, add export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle before running any of these commands.

What are some known devices with AOSP ROMs ?

It’s relatively simple to find out what AOSP-based ROMs are available for your device, as there are a number of sites that compile lists of popular devices. Some include CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid and MIUI. You can also check XDA-Developers or RootzWiki. Before you flash any ROMs on your device, remember that they may include bugs, cause instability or damage your hardware or personal data (such as contacts). Be careful and make sure you backup everything beforehand !

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Advantages of AOSP

One of Android’s biggest selling points is that it’s an open-source operating system. This means that if you own a smartphone or tablet, there are millions of potential applications, themes and modifications available for download—and they don’t cost anything. But what many users don’t realize is that most of these apps are based on AOSP. AOSP gives users access to features that aren’t included in their standard devices and puts you in control of your device in a way you may not have thought possible. All you need is some technical know-how and Google skills; once you have those down, there’s almost nothing AOSP can’t do.


AOSP is not just an open source project. It is a vehicle, of sorts, for Google’s services. By that definition, AOSP is not truly open source. To think otherwise isn’t just wrong—it also paints AOSP in a better light than it deserves. More than anything else, Google utilizes AOSP as a way to hide its true intentions from users and third-party developers alike: if you want access to Google Play Services, YouTube integration or security updates…you’ll play by our rules. If you don’t like those rules, too bad—you’re going to have an inferior experience no matter what phone you buy.

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