What is Bootloader ? How to Unlock Bootloader in Android 2022

What is Bootloader ? A boot loader is an essential part of any computer system, especially the Android operating system, which can’t function without it. But what exactly does it do? As this article will explain, boot loaders are used to switch between software images when you reboot your device, or load new software if you’re upgrading your device or troubleshooting problems with the existing software on your device.

In order to effectively unlock the boot loader on your Android device, you first need to understand what this process does and how it works.

what is bootloader

What is bootloader ?

Boot loaders are present in almost all mobile devices. It is responsible for initial booting, enabling low-level hardware interaction with your Android device and after that we can use it to flash custom ROMs. It’s very important to unlock Boot loader before flashing a custom ROM or rooting your phone. A Bootloader is always locked by manufacturers which means you can’t edit anything in it or modify it unless you unlock its bootloader first.

So today I’ll tell you how to unlock an Android Phone’s Boot loader on different Android versions and which precautions should be taken while unlocking an Android Phone’s Boot loader.

Working of the Bootloader

During system startup, your Android device runs a small piece of code called boot loader. While it is often depicted as an evil creature that locks your phone (only to unlock it when you make a payment), bootloaders exist for a different purpose : to get your phone up and running as quickly as possible. On most devices, bootloaders unlock at one time during system startup; after that, they’ll remain unlocked for as long as power remains stable.

This allows you to change software on your phone without fear of damaging its operating system or otherwise causing damage or loss of data. In addition, since flash memory has become very inexpensive, having an unlocked boot loader allows you to use an external storage card instead of having limited storage on internal flash memory only.

Steps to Unlock Android Phone’s Bootloader

If you want to modify your Android device at its core or if you’re developing a custom ROM for it, then you should unlock its Boot loader. Below are instructions for unlocking each of the different major Android device manufacturers’ bootloaders. Unlocking your bootloader will most likely void your warranty. If that doesn’t bother you, follow these steps Back up everything on your phone (and tablet) before unlocking your bootloader.

Unlocking is permanent and cannot be undone. You may lose all data on your phone (and tablet). You have been warned! Unlocking your bootloader also erases all user data from your device, so make sure to back up anything important first. Unlock Bootloader Steps :

Go into Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number and tap Build Number seven times in quick succession until you see a message saying You are now a developer! This enables Developer Options on your phone which allows you to unlock your bootloader. Go back into Settings -> Developer Options -> Enable OEM Unlock. This allows you to unlock your bootloader using fastboot commands while in recovery mode. Go into Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging Mode and enable it if it isn’t already enabled.

Plug your phone into your computer via USB cable. Make sure you’ve installed ADB and Fastboot on your computer by following our guide here . On Windows machines, open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode by right-clicking on it and selecting Run as Administrator . Type adb reboot bootloader into Command Prompt to reboot your phone into fastboot mode. Your phone should say FASTBOOT MODE at the top left corner of your screen. Now type fastboot oem unlock and hit enter on your keyboard. Your phone will say Are you sure? Yes/No Choose Yes with Volume Up button, then press Power button to confirm. Wait for process to complete – it’ll take about 30 seconds – then type fastboot reboot .

Your phone will restart normally, but it’s unlocked now! Unplug your phone from PC when finished.

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Benefits of Unlocking a Device’s Bootloader

Unlocking a device’s boot loader is, quite simply, essential for most serious Android users. Unlocking your bootloader gives you access to things like custom recoveries, modified operating systems (like CyanogenMod), rooting and other advanced functions of your device.

That said, unlocking a bootloader isn’t without its risks : You will void your warranty when you unlock it—and if something goes wrong while attempting to unlock it (such as getting stuck in a bootloop), you may end up with a completely bricked device that is entirely useless until repaired. Proceed at your own risk!

Risks of Unlocking Bootloader

Bootloader unlocking has some potential drawbacks. It may void your warranty with certain companies, such as HTC and Motorola. It also may make things more difficult when you try to upgrade your software in future. For example, if you unlock a Nexus device (such as a Nexus 6P), you will no longer be able to download official updates directly from Google or transfer an OTA update to that device using fastboot flash.

Instead, you’ll have to manually sideload each individual file using ADB commands on your computer while connected to a PC-based adb host. This method is fine for those who know what they’re doing and want full control over their devices, but it’s not suitable for novice users who just want to run stock Android without any hassle.


A boot loader is a small piece of software used to initialize and load another computer program or operating system. Most personal computers today use a BIOS (basic input/output system) to perform these tasks. While BIOS versions are different depending on manufacturers, they all generally work in much the same way as described here. For example, a PC’s BIOS will first determine how it is powered on (i.e., from an AC outlet or DC source), verify that any storage devices have been prepared for use, initialize memory chips and then load an operating system off of one of those drives.

If you want to run your own OS rather than what came with your computer, you can unlock your boot loader so that you can replace it with a custom version. This process varies based on manufacturer but typically involves editing some settings in your computer’s firmware using software designed specifically for doing so.
A few things to keep in mind : If you aren’t comfortable with tinkering around inside of your PC’s hardware and software, don’t do it!

It’s very easy to mess up something if you don’t know what you’re doing—and there’s no going back once you’ve done so.


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