What is Custom Kernal ? How to Install Custom Kernals in Android 2022

What is Custom Kernal ? The word kernel has taken on many meanings over the years, particularly in the technology world. As you probably already know, your computer’s operating system (for example, Windows or Mac OS) runs on something called an operating system kernel . But what does that actually mean? An operating system kernel (or just kernel for short) is basically the engine that powers your entire computer system and all its hardware. A custom kernal , then, would be an operating system kernel that was tweaked to power (or act as) another device entirely – say, an Android smartphone or tablet!

what is custom kernal

What is Custom Kernal ?

What is Custom Kernal ? A custom kernel typically refers to an aftermarket Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This type of OS offers improved performance and added features compared to standard options, but you’ll have to jailbreak your device before you can install it. Most stock Android ROMs, for example, come with custom kernels (though there are some exceptions). For many users, custom kernels add additional improvements that cannot be found in stock ROMs or other popular replacements such as CyanogenMod and MIUI. Such extras include color control over system accents via themes and boot animations that can be downloaded from Google Play or installed manually through flashable zip files.

Custom vs. Stock

When people talk about custom roms, they are usually referring to a custom kernal; however, you can also have Custom Roms that don’t include any changes to your device’s kernel. A custom kernel can be useful for enabling or disabling specific features or services, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Additionally, some users choose to flash a custom kernal when flashing a new rom so that their device will have better battery life and overall performance. Custom kernels aren’t just for advanced users though !

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Why would I need custom kernals?

Many custom ROMs that run on android phones require a custom kernal to run. The kernal does many things but it can do so much more depending on what its given to do. Custom Kernels for PC are mainly used for overclocking, underclocking and/or changing settings from X state to Y state. For instance if you wanted your CPU clock speed(frequency) at 3ghz instead of 2.5ghz, then you would be using a kernel designed specifically for overclocking your CPU. Custom kernels are sometimes needed with different types of android devices too; just like two computers that use windows 7 need different drivers so do two android devices running gingerbread may need different custom kernals depending on hardware capabilities and other software installed in your device.

How do I go about it ?

A custom kernal or Kernel will replace your stock (which is usually android’s) Kernel with it. This, in turn, adds various new features and functions to your phone. There are many, many custom roms for different phones so be sure to choose one which matches your exact model/brand of phone. Usually when you do a research on a rom, if it mentions custom kernal somewhere it means that particular rom uses a custom kernel inside. You can find roms easily by searching up your phone’s model or googling ROMs for and seeing what comes up. Just download them onto an SD card and install them like an apk file would be installed on most Android devices.

How to Install Custom Kernals ?

A custom kernel can be installed either by flashing a ZIP file to your device’s /system partition using ADB and fastboot, or by installing one of many third-party flashable package managers. You can Install them from Custom Recovery Also. Each has its own specific use cases, but in general you should always install custom kernels using TWRP.

However, there are certain kernels which require you to flash them with fastboot instead of TWRP. Both methods are described below: ## ADB & Fastboot If you’re already set up to sideload custom OTA updates from adb, then installing a kernel will be fairly simple.

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Do we need to Install Custom Kernals ?

There are many popular reasons to install custom kernals, including speeding up your phone, improving battery life, and adding features that may not be included in your phone’s operating system. Be warned: installing custom kernals requires technical knowledge and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Make sure to read instructions carefully before proceeding. Installing custom kernals will wipe all of your data from your device!

Advatanges and Disadvantages of Installing Custom Kernal

Disadvantages and Advantages of Installing a Custom Kernal on Android : A custom kernal, also known as a third-party kernal, can be installed on almost any Android device. These custom kernels can offer users unique features that would otherwise not be present in standard Android distributions. However, third-party kernels come with a few disadvantages and advantages. The installation process for these kernels may be difficult due to dependencies that must first be satisfied before installing them. If a compatible third-party kernel is found, though, it could provide useful options not available in stock firmware.


A custom kernel gives users more control over their device by allowing them to install custom ROMs (and, usually, root access). This allows you to customize your phone and make it better suit your needs. As long as you do research before attempting to flash a new ROM or kernel, it’s possible to stay safe while doing so. You should also always follow any instructions or precautions in flash guides and/or download pages. While they can be risky if you’re unfamiliar with them, they are completely safe if you’ve properly researched them. Remember: You should always back up important data before attempting any sort of flashing procedure! If something goes wrong during the process, at least you’ll have everything intact on your computer that way.

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