What is Custom Recovery ? How to Install Custom Recovery in Android 2022

What is Custom Recovery ? It’s essentially the same thing as the stock recovery you find on most phones and tablets — with one key difference. A custom recovery allows you to install custom ROMs, kernels, and other mods that can completely change your Android experience. Imagine replacing your boring old keyboard with a brand new gold one — that’s essentially what you’re doing when you load up your phone with a custom recovery. To help you learn how to use your new software, we’ve put together this guide on how to make the most of your custom recovery.

what is custom recovery

What is Custom Recovery ? A brief Introduction

What is Custom Recovery ? The stock recovery for most android devices can be replaced with something more powerful and useful. The custom recovery provides you with a way to perform all of your general recovery type tasks such as making nandroid backups, flashing zip files containing custom ROMs or rooting your device. In order to install any custom ROM, it must be flashed in recovery. This tutorial will guide you through installing clockworkmod (CWM) which is one of many different recoveries available for rooted Android devices.

Reasons to flash a custom ROM

The biggest reason to flash a custom ROM is if you’re unhappy with your current firmware. A custom ROM can turn an aging phone into a speed demon, add new features and tweak settings that can’t be changed out of box. If you’re not happy with your device, it might be time to switch things up. Some phones are better suited for custom development than others, so research on Google and XDA-Developers forums before you flash your first ROM. And make sure you have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Types of Custom Recoveries

Custom recoveries are modified versions of stock recovery images that are flashable, just like factory images. There are two main types of custom recoveries: Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and ClockworkMod (CWM). Each has their own pros and cons for different users, which we’ll go over below. TWRP TWRP is an open-source project maintained by a community of developers who work together to create one of the best custom recoveries available. It offers more features than CWM, but it can be harder to use because it isn’t as simple as CWM. If you want more control over your device and aren’t afraid to dive into advanced features, TWRP may be right for you.

How To Flash A Custom Recovery

A custom recovery provides root access, backup/restore features, and more. Before you download any ROMs or make any tweaks to your device, it’s important that you flash your recovery image. A custom recovery will replace your stock recovery, which can be accessed by booting into Download Mode. Once you have TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) installed on your phone or tablet, you can then use it to install other zip files for things like system upgrades or rooting.

Pros of Custom Recovery

Let’s face it—factory resetting your phone can be a pain. The installation and uninstallation of apps might keep your device running smoother, but if you’re not careful, you could end up losing all of your personal data in the process. They are Helpful while Installing Custom Roms in our Devices. If you don’t know What is Custom Rom then..

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Cons of Custom Recovery

When you flash your device with a custom recovery, you completely bypass your OEM’s stock recovery image. This means that any updates to Android will not be able to be installed automatically, and users are responsible for installing these updates manually. In addition, if there is ever an issue with your installation of Android or an update goes wrong, there may not be any way to recover your device without flashing it again with a custom recovery.

Do we need to Install Custom Recovery

One of our community members has asked us, Do we need to install custom recovery? You might already know about some of these recoveries: ClockworkMod, Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), or TWRP. A custom recovery lets you perform tasks that aren’t possible with your phone’s stock recovery. It allows you to flash custom ROMs and even root access. However, if you’re happy with your current version of Android, installing a custom recovery isn’t necessary for most users. But it’s still something worth knowing about—just in case. So let’s find out how to do it!

Does Custom Recovery affect our Device

No, a custom recovery does not affect your device but it allows you to take full backup of your Android phone which helps you in case if you need to reset your phone. When we use stock recovery, we will lose our data but when we use custom recovery then that data can be recover easily. We need to keep TWRP or CWM as they both are easy and good custom recoveries for Android phones.


A custom recovery enables you to do many more things, and with much greater control, than what you can do with just an installed ROM. For example, with a custom recovery you can create NANDroid backups (essentially disk images of your entire phone), which let you easily restore your phone to its current state in case anything goes wrong or if you just want to try something new. Additionally, some recoveries enable you to customize your system’s file structure on your device’s internal storage. One thing that even seasoned Android users forget is that they aren’t bound by their carrier’s locked bootloader or whatever other restrictions might be imposed by their phone’s manufacturer or cellular provider.

There are many custom recoveries for most devices out there, each one offering its own unique look and functionality. Whether it’s to flash firmware, install apps from zip files, or create complete backups of your device—the potential uses of a custom recovery are near limitless. The next time you consider flashing a ROM on your device, consider flashing it from within your custom recovery first. You may be surprised by how much easier it can make things! Well now you have idea of What is Custom Recovery ? and how they work. To read more Articles like this Bookmark our Blog.


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