Why Adsense is Better than Other Ad Networks in 2022

Why Adsense is better ? Every successful website needs to make money, and one of the best ways to do that online is by using Google ads on your site’s pages. Yet many people think that Adsense, which happens to be owned by Google, isn’t always the best advertising network in terms of payout and traffic quality. So why exactly are we so in love with it ? In this article, we’ll explain why it’s so great and why we think you should consider using it as your ad provider too!


What is Adsense ?

Google AdSense is a service provided by Google Inc. that enables content publishers to serve targeted text, image, video and audio ads to their website users on Google’s ad network. It requires no initial investment or registration fee from advertisers. From its inception in October 2000 until June 2007, it was known as Google Content Network before being renamed Google AdSense. Its name reverted to Google Content Network from May 2009 to July 2011.

The network consists of web sites and blogs that sign up for free AdSense accounts. The sites display ads based on both Google-supplied targeting criteria and information provided by visitors viewing pages with AdSense code. This includes IP address, what page they are visiting, browser type, search engine used (if any), previous visits to site etc. The visitor may also be presented with customized advertisements based on their previous Internet usage (such as visited websites).

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What is the use of Adsense ?

Google’s AdSense program allows publishers to place ads on their websites based on keywords they would like to target. For example, you might decide that you want your website to feature ads for dog trainers in Los Angeles. In order to make money with these types of ads, your website must attract an audience interested in dog training.

If a user comes to your site and searches for dog trainer los angeles, then clicks on one of those ads, you will receive a portion of that click through fee. The more traffic you have coming to your site and clicking on relevant keywords, the more money you can potentially earn from AdSense.

Why it is better than other Ad Networks ?

There are a few reasons why AdSense (by Google) is better than other advertising networks and these reasons will be elaborated on below. All of these reasons are more or less valid if you’re running an advertising campaign with any of them and using Google adsense. All that really matters for your advertising campaign is that you are getting money-making traffic to your website. Although most of these have to do with money, it could also work in favor of saving time and make your life easier too.

1) Connected to Google’s Network

Google’s network of users and advertisers stretches far beyond any other ad network on Earth. As one of Google’s most popular products, AdSense enjoys access to a vast audience that advertisers can reach. This expands your potential customer base exponentially.

2) Huge Publisher Base

For advertisers, there’s nothing better than having access to a huge publisher base. Adsense has partnered with over 5 million sites, giving advertisers a broad reach across all verticals. While other ad networks might be able to claim they work with a few thousand publishers, only Google can lay claim to one of the most powerful ad platforms in history.

3) Open to Everyone

Most ad networks are invite-only, which means that if you’re just starting out and want to monetize your website, it’s difficult to get involved. Google’s AdSense network does not have these restrictions; in fact, anyone can sign up for an account.

4) Flexible Payment Options

When you’re starting out as a publisher, you might not be getting much in ad revenue. AdSense helps bridge that gap with its flexible payment options. As soon as you get paid, Google sends your earnings to your bank account or deposits them into your PayPal account. There are no requirements to wait until a certain time of month or receive a minimum payment before you can access your funds.

5) Responsive Customer Service Team

One of my favorite things about Google’s AdSense program is their customer service team. Unlike other ad networks that leave you with little to no technical support, Google has a team ready to answer your questions and provide helpful feedback. Because many sites are relying on ad revenue to stay afloat, it’s imperative that they have a strong ad network partner who can help them succeed in monetizing their site.

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While there are many ad networks to choose from, Google’s AdSense remains one of most powerful and valuable online advertising options available. The reason it works so well: It aligns advertisers with sites that generate high-quality traffic.

While not every website has what it takes to attract ads from Google, you can still significantly increase your revenue by moving away from lower-paying, less targeted ad networks—and into a program like AdSense.


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